• How consistent
    is your brand?

    A unified brand presence speaks
    with a powerful voice.

  • Design educates

    It explains, clarifies and simplifies.

  • Building awareness
    in new markets?

    Corporate Identity™ can help you creat effective
    market communications that achieve success.

  • Is your

    Good interactive solutions
    drive your brand forward.

Corporate Identity™ is a corporate identity and design consultancy specializing in Branding & Identity, Information Design, Print Communications and Web & Interaction.

Branding & Identity

Creation of corporate identities that set the clients apart from their competition and leave a lasting impression with their audiences.

Information Design

Presentation of complex information in an elegant, streamlined manner that target audiences can easily and quickly understand.

Print Communications

Creation of brochures, direct mail, displays, and other printed materials that help the clients communicate with clarity, purpose, and impact.

Web & Interaction

Design of highly usable Web sites, applications, and interfaces that deliver compelling and satisfying user experiences.