About Corporate Identity™

Corporate Identity™ is a corporate identity and design consultancy established by myself, Patrik Persson. I am a freelance Art Director/Designer with over 15 years experience in corporate design. I work for design agencies and clients from all over the world helping them deliver through Strategy, Design and Art Direction.


Corporate Identity™ is a corporate identity and design consultancy established by Patrik Persson.

I am based in Stockholm and I work directly for agencies and clients in providing strategy, design and art direction.

I have a preference for keeping things simple and clear to create effective and engaging design solutions.

I have over 15 years of experience in helping companies creating corporate identities, developing effective websites and managing brands for maximum impact.

I have a Master of Design Science (University of Sydney) and a Business Administration Postgraduate (Aberdeen Business School). I have also studied at the University of California, University of Wollongong, Forsbergs and Berghs.


Corporate Identity™ is a one-stop solution for all your corporate Identity needs.

Corporate Identity™ does everything in its power to ensure clients have what they need, when they need it to the very best quality.

Knowledge of both business and design helps me capture management vision and translating it into a meaningful corporate identity and effective marketing communications.

Corporate Identity™ wants to be a company that a client would really want to work with. A partner that finds creative ways to build brands no matter what size the budget.

Corporate Identity™ offers quality services at affordable rates.


A typical project would involve four distinct phases, Discover, Define, Develop and Deliver.

The first phase marks the start of the project. This begins with an initial idea or inspiration, often sourced from a discovery phase in which user needs are identified.

The second phase represents the definition stage, in which interpretation and alignment of these needs to business objectives is achieved.

The third phase marks a period of development where design-led solutions are developed, iterated and tested within the company.

The final phase represents the delivery stage, where the design is finalised and launched.

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